It was the city broker and ship-owner, Per Johan Haegerstrand, who founded the company in 1859. Gävle was at the time Sweden’s largest shipping town and the leading shipbuilding town in the Nordic region. Sailing ships from the many shipyards by the “Gavleån” sailed all the oceans of the world. However, steamboats eventually took over the role of the sailing ships. With that, the shipbuilding ended and so did many of the shipping companies who only invested in Gävle-built sailing vessels.

PJ Haegerstrand became principal owner of a large number of companies and had before his death in 1905, at nearly 80 years of age, laid the foundation for continued development of the company. Haegerstrand’s adventures are recorded in the book “Mister Agent, we are sinking!” by Ingvar Henriksson.


A representative of small steamships that sailed in the Baltic and North Seas in the early 1900s.

Equipped with sails for safety in case of engine failure.


Built in 1862 at Rettigs shipyard, owned by PC Rettig & Co.

Joined Haegerstrands fleet from 1868-1898.

Converted to a barque, possibly in 1871.

Sold to Jäde & Co in Lübeck for 6200 kr in December 1898.


Part of Haegerstrands fleet in the early 1900s, sailing from Gävle to the continent and England.

Mined on 21/1 1915 off Raumo, with casualties among the crew.

Sank in two and a half minutes.

Gustav Vasa

One of many ships built in Gävle in the 1800s.


A fully rigged ship built in 1859, part of Haegerstrands fleet from 1876-1897.

Sailed routes to Australia, the Mediterranean, and the West Indies.

Sank on 14/11 1897 on Skagen's reef while traveling Leith-Göteborg loaded with coal.


A steamship built in 1884, part of Haegerstrands fleet in the early 1900s, sailing in the Baltic and North Seas.

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