Bonded Warehouse

As an importer, you can by warehousing improve your company’s cash flow and we can ensure that warehouse exists and is administered on-site with you. VAT and duty on goods are not billed until the day the goods are to be delivered.
If you receive goods from transits on a regular basis, we can as agents terminate these directly with you to avoid an extra transfer, handling and costs at another approved terminal.
When goods cross the EU-border and for some reason duties cannot be directly paid, we can start a transit to then be posted at a warehouse with you or us.
If you have a new supplier or a new product to be imported and you are uncertain of the quality we can post your goods at a customs warehouse for inspection. Thereafter, you decide whether the goods should be re-exported, customs duties should be collected, or scrapped.
There are many advantages to bonded warehouses and we customise a solution to your needs. Via our website, you can easily log in and see your actual stock report.

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