HML Shipping

HML Shipping’s geographical business area covers large part of the east coast of the middle of Sweden.

HML Shipping logotyp 2016

We are acting as port and forwarding agents and assist ships in the ports of Stugsund, Långrör, Sandarne, Ala, Orrskär, Vallvik and Norrsundet.
We are locally based with offices and staff located in Ljusne.

24-7Our agents are on duty 24 hours, 365 days a year and have contact with all the parties involved in the vessel’s calls, from ordering pilots, planning availability of quays to handling of cargo, related custom questions and documentation.

Do you have any inquiries regarding clearance and forwarding, do not hesitate to contact us at any of our contacts at HML Shipping.

At your service

Since 2014, HML Shipping is a secondary name of AB PJ Haegerstrand.

HML Shipping AB was founded in 1995 by AB PJ Haegerstrands in Gavle, AB Axel E Madsen in Söderhamn and G.E. Lindgren & Son AB in Norrsundet.